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Here Are the 7 Most Unique Carport Designs in the World!

Carport is a series of roofs and walls that protect vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, or bicycles from heat and rain. The difference with a garage, carport does not have a full wall on all four sides, carport has enough two sides of the wall and roof to protect the vehicle. Carport can also be used to temporarily put the vehicle before it is put in the garage.

As the initial part of entering the house, the carport should not only be a place to put the vehicle, but also be the start of preparations for creating an atmosphere that connects outdoor and indoor. A good carport design should be able to harmonize the building with the environment outside the building. For that, let’s look at the 7 most unique carport designs in the world below!

1. Elegant Black Carport

Elegant Black Carport

The minimalist front of the cube house cannot be arbitrarily judged because the harmony of the design has an attractive appeal. Look at Carport stylish are all in modern design, with a pair of little black poles that gives dynamism to the structural design of luxury and cool to shelter cars.

2. Minimalist Carport Pattern Lines

Minimalist Carport Pattern Lines

One characteristic of modern minimalist style is the use and exposure of line elements. If you are confused by what kind of design you want, maybe you can also apply this to your dream carport.

Carport design choices like this will be more leverage if your residence also has a house facade with strong line elements so that the fence you have can work well with the main building.

3. Solar Panels Carport

Solar Panels Carport

In some places you will surely see a carport that uses solar panels as its roof. If not, maybe this design will surprise you. The use of solar energy as part of an endless resource you can apply by using solar panels as a carport roof. This design will show the impression of a futuristic design on a dwelling.

4. Concrete Carport

Concrete Carport

Carport is designed to park two cars in parallel. The same pavement will be passed by two cars alternately, or together. So, because of its heavy workload, Braun Studio designed this carport with cast concrete. This carport is also shaded by a wooden frame roof with natural colors and let the concrete also with the original color which strengthens the impression of minimalist and elegant.

5. Glass Roof Carport

Glass Roof CarportĀ 

This carport uses glass material as a complement to the roof element. The carport color with three poles supporting it is harmonized with the color of the elegant and luxurious car, making this carport have a minimalist and elegant impression to the eye.

6. Underground Carport

Underground Carport

Another brilliant idea might be an underground carport. Especially if you have a luxury car at a price that is quite fantastic. By parking it in an underground carport can prevent your vehicle from being targeted by thieves. Besides being invisible, the concept of an underground home carport can also save land. In contrast to home carport in general, underground carport uses an automatic door design that will take your car to the parking lot in the basement of your house.

7. GazeBox Carport

GazeBox CarportĀ 

This last Carport will probably surprise you. How come? By using technology, this carport can open and close through a small remote that can manage it. In addition, the design is also very futuristic with black glass that surrounds it and also does not take up much land because the special space made is only the size of a car.

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