Ideal Bathtub Width

Know 5 Ways to Determine The Ideal Bathtub Size For You!

Having a bathtub in a residential bathroom sounds very appealing. The interior of the bathroom looks more luxurious and you can enjoy various benefits when soaking in it. Just imagine first, how relaxing it is to take a hot bath after working all day. Especially if the size of the bathtub fits our body. Legs are free to move, leaning feels comfortable.

Then, how to find out the most ideal bathtub size for each person? Check out the guide from us below, come on!

1. Adjust the Length of the Bathtub

Adjust the Length of the Bath

When you want to determine the size of the bathtub , first pay attention to the long side. How to determine it is very easy, namely adjust to your height. If you have a height of 170 cm, then choose the size of the bathtub with a length of 170 cm.

If you can’t find a bathtub that’s 170 cm long, choose a longer one. Avoid choosing a shorter size because it will limit your footwork. Instead of relaxing, the body even becomes sore after bathing.

2. Ideal Bathtub Width

Ideal Bathtub Width

The width of the bathtub in general ranges from 75 cm to 85 cm. The size of the bathtub based on this width needs to be adjusted to the width of the shoulders.

The use of a bathtub that is too narrow will make the shoulder stumble on the side of the bathtub. Meanwhile, a bathtub size that is too wide will only make it difficult for your hands to stretch out and rest on the side of the bathtub .

3. Accurate Depth


bath tub Accurate Depth

For adults, the right size bathtub has a depth of about 60 cm. With this depth, the body will be perfectly submerged in the water. You also find it easier to get in and out of the tub.

However, if you have children, it’s best to use a separate bathtub . Children are more suitable to use the size of the bathtub with a depth of 40 cm. This is to reduce the risk of accidents, such as drowning or slipping when entering the tub. If you have to take your child to relax in an adult bath, be sure to keep an eye on him. If necessary, provide an anti-slip carpet .

4. Bathtub Size for 2 People

Bathtub Size for 2 People

If you like to soak together, the size of the bathtub also needs to be adjusted. The easiest way to choose a size is based on the largest person’s height and shoulder width, then multiply by 2. Bathtubs for 2 people are usually square and round.

The size of the bathtub for 2 people is indeed bigger. So, it is usually placed in the main bathroom which is very spacious. If the bathroom area is limited, consider other places to put the bathtub, such as in a semi- indoor garden or next to a swimming pool.

5. Adjust to the Size of the Bathroom

Adjust to the Size of the Bathroom

Already know the ideal bathtub size for you? Don’t forget to adjust it to the size of the bathroom, too! The maximum limit for the size of the bathtub itself is half of the bathroom area. Thus, there is room left for area shower, closet sitting, and element other bathroom. The size of the bathtub that is too big compared to the bathroom will only make the room feel cramped.

Basically, the standard bathtub sizes on the market are 0.9×1.8 meters, 1×1.5 meters, and 1.5×1.5 meters. If you have trouble finding the most suitable bathtub size , don’t hesitate to make a custom bathtub . It is permanent, the size is more fitting, even the shape can be made at will.

That’s a guide to determining the ideal bathtub size for you. Next, you can determine the right type of bathtub , a charming design, and other supporting equipment. Are you ready to take a dip after a hard day’s work?


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