Small Forest on the Back Porch

Lush 7 Tropical Garden Designs, Shade the House in the Urban

Living in the tropics especially in urban areas makes you have to be smart to deal with hot weather and high humidity by presenting green open spaces at home. One type of garden suitable for home use in the tropics is none other than a tropical garden.

Tropical gardens are composed of various types of plants, ranging from trees, shrubs, tropical flowers to grasses, which are resistant to the sun’s heat and intense rainfall. The plant, which is also named as a tropical plant, is deliberately allowed to grow lush so that it resembles the appearance of a tropical forest.

Here we summarizes 7 tropical garden designs that you can make inspiration

1. Modern Tropical Shades

Although tropical gardens are synonymous with the dominance of green plants, the addition of other elements can also be done so that the park appears more modern. Not limited to dry elements such as pebbles, walkways or paving blocks , outdoor furniture , and ornamental ponds can also be presented.

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Tropical garden designs on this one appears complete with complementary elements. The presence of a canopy from a wooden lattice produces a dramatic shadowing effect. As a result, the charm of a tropical garden appears more attractive.

2. Small Forest on the Back Porch

Small Forest on the Back Porch

If you have a large enough open area, you can create an atmosphere of tropical forest like the inspiration above. Plants used as components of a tropical garden cover the whole stratum. Planting shrubs , shrubs, flowers, and trees can be presented simultaneously in this garden design.

Structuring a tropical garden with the concept of a small forest can actually be done simply. You only need to group plants according to size (plant height), color, and shape of the leaves. Tropical plants of adenium, frangipani, elephant ears, fan bananas, palm, and bougenville can be an option to fill this garden.

3. Integrates with the room

Integrates with the room

Tropical gardens that are created around the house can make the environment outside and inside the house feel more fresh and natural.

Combine broadleaf ornamental plants, trees, and vines for the garden which is covered from the edge to the center of the house as in the inspiration above. The loss of the bulkhead that separates the inside and outside the room will make the eyes spoiled by the beauty of the tropical garden that is seen from various angles.

4. Inner Court with a Minimalist Tropical Garden

Inner Court with a Minimalist Tropical Garden

The presence of green open spaces in the house ( inner court ) is often missed because of limited land and the high needs of other spaces. In fact, open space functions as a cavity so that the building can ‘breathe’ more smoothly.

Tropical gardens can be presented in the form of an inner court or indoor garden. The location itself can stand off, optimize the wall, or connect directly with another room.

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If you are worried that the inside of the house will feel full with the presence of lush tropical gardens, a minimalist tropical garden designs can be an option. The design of the garden side by side with the water element is present as a focal point that can be enjoyed freshness directly.

5. Vertical Tropical Garden

Vertical Tropical Garden

The absence of open land or areas without land exposure is not an obstacle to presenting a tropical garden.

The arrangement of plants in a tropical garden can be done vertically so that you can use the walls that limit the terrace to plant vines and hedges. Garden design like this also requires more practical maintenance.

6. Tropical Garden in front of the House

Tropical Garden in front of the House

The concept of urban jungle can also be applied to tropical gardens in front of the house. Natural arrangement is applied to the tropical garden in front of this house. Land that is left exposed, trees and potted plants also blend with one another so it actually raises the exotic tropical impression.

Be careful with some tropical plants that are placed in pots. The intensity of rain that is too high can cause a part of the plant body to be damped by water, causing its roots to rot quickly. When the rainy season flushes, plants can be put into the room for a while.

7. Rustic Atmosphere in the Backyard of the House

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The coolness of the rural air can be felt by creating a tropical garden behind the house. If the yard is large enough, use a type of garden grass that doesn’t grow fast, like chives, so you don’t have to bother pruning it regularly.

Intend to make a tropical garden at home? Remember, a tropical garden is different from other parks. The treatment requires patience so you need to take the time so that the tropical garden at home does not wither and instead makes the house look dirty and neglected.

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