One-sided Kitchen Design

6 Efficient Narrow Kitchen Designs to Maximize Space

Often we find houses and apartments with narrow land so that the existing rooms also have limited mobility areas, including the kitchen. The kitchen which is often a playground for housewives to produce delicious food mostly has a large space. But with the phenomenon of these narrow houses and apartments, the kitchen is also automatically narrowing.

This should not stop you. You must maximize this narrow space by applying a narrow kitchen design so you can still cook more fun. If you are confused about what kind of narrow kitchen design you want to use, then you can see the six narrow kitchen designs below.

1.Elongated Narrow Kitchen Design

Elongated Narrow Kitchen Design

One hack to outsmart the narrow kitchen is to use the elongated narrow kitchen design. Even though it’s crowded, you can still put the complete kitchen set on the right along with household electronics , such as a pressure cooker , microwave, oven, and flask . For refrigerators and shelves to hang cooking tools such as pans , you can put them to the left of the kitchen.

2.Typical Industrial Narrow Kitchen Design

Typical Industrial Narrow Kitchen Design

Narrow is not an obstacle for you to apply your favorite interior style. If you like the industrial style , you can try this narrow kitchen design. Let the walls look unfinished with exposed bricks. Install the kitchen set with iron as the dominant material because iron is a major industrial element as well.

Do not forget, use some old furniture such as wood buffer and old flower pots to decorate the design of this narrow industrial kitchen. Guaranteed, this one narrow kitchen design makes the cooking atmosphere more soothing and homey.

3.One-sided Kitchen Design

One-sided Kitchen Design

Typically, the dining room and kitchen are located adjacent or next to each other. In this case, you can work around this with a narrow kitchen design with a dining table on one side of the wall. The stove, sink, and cabinet are collected at the right side and corner. If you feel cramped when preparing food ingredients, the dining table located in front of the kitchen you can use, you know.

4.Narrow Angular Kitchen Design

Narrow Angular Kitchen Design

Not merely attached to one side of the wall, the kitchen can also be designed with additional angles to provide boundaries between rooms . In addition, the additional angle in this minimalist narrow kitchen design can prevent your baby from disturbing you while cooking. Anyway, it won’t splash on hot oil.

As usual, put the stove, oven , and all kinds of things on the side of the kitchen attached to the wall. Now, at this additional angle, install a sink for washing dishes and dirty cooking utensils . Also, this additional angle in the narrow kitchen design can also be a place to prepare cooking ingredients.

5.High Ceiling Kitchen Design

High Ceiling Kitchen Design

If your house is narrow but has a high ceiling, be thankful. Why? The ceiling or ceiling will make it look spacious. So, you don’t need to worry anymore.

The combination of wall colors, floor designs , and ceilings in this narrow kitchen design is very neat. Gray and white triangle motifs colored the walls and floor. Yellow ceiling with a classic engraving typical of the British Empire is equipped with a luxurious chandelier. In this narrow kitchen design, just enter the required kitchen equipment. If there are too many items, the luxurious impression of a narrow kitchen design will disappear instantly.

6.Narrow Kitchen Designs with Ventilation

Narrow Kitchen Design with Ventilation

Not only the bedroom, the kitchen also needs ventilation . Just like the design of a narrow kitchen without this kitchen set . The corner of the room that has a window can be changed into a neat kitchen. Place the dishwasher and cooking sink near the window and the stove on the wall.

Because there are already windows, the presence of a cooker hood is no longer needed in this simple narrow kitchen design. Cooking fumes will come out on their own and not spin in the house. In order to keep the kitchen walls clean, attach a cooking utensil to the kitchen ceiling. Do not forget, put plants in the room for a more natural kitchen.

Of the six narrow kitchen designs above, which one do you choose? In essence, a narrow area of ‚Äč‚Äčland is not an obstacle for you to be creative in designing a room. Instead, the narrow space in the kitchen can speed up your cooking. Plus, don’t put a lot of stuff in the kitchen. Enter only the tools and ingredients needed so they don’t fill the kitchen.

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