Indoor courtyard swimming pool design

Safe Swimming in Shelter with these 5 Indoor Swimming Pool Designs!

Having your own swimming pool, especially indoor swimming pools is already a dream of many people. Thinking about the design of an indoor swimming pool generally means putting safety first when swimming because of your privacy from the eyes of strangers, and also not having to worry about weather conditions outdoors whether hot or rainy.

Of course there are some things you should consider before realizing the dream of building your own indoor pool . Starting from the size, theme, terrace, ventilation of the room itself, the depth of the pool, to the pool wall can be a consideration to determine the design of a swimming pool that is suitable for your home.

After considering these things, it’s time you started designing swimming pools indoor you dream. This time, we will give a swimming pool design recommendation that can be an inspiration in making the swimming pool of your dreams! Check out the following recommendations!

Slim long and simple minimalist swimming pool

slim long simple swimming pool

With this swimming pool design, you don’t need to have an empty room or a large basement to have a swimming pool in your house. The slim and long swimming pool design is usually attached to the walls of the house, then brought closer to the window with transparent glass in order to enjoy the view from outside the room.

You can design this swimming pool lengthwise to your liking, and you can also add an elongated chair to rest after you are tired of swimming.

The design of the pool is round feel of the cave


round feel of the cave swimmping pool

The design of this swimming pool creates a calm and very private atmosphere. Shaped like a crater in a cave, this swimming pool is suitable for you who want to soak in the warmth of water in the midst of a peaceful nature.

The walls of natural stone ceramic tiles and stones that are ‘planted’ around the room also add to the beauty of this swimming pool design.

Swimming pool design in the typical Moroccan architectural style

Moroccan architectural style swimming pool

One popular architectural design style is the Moroccan style. You can also bring this distinctive Middle Eastern ethnic impression to the pool design too.

In addition to the dome-style building, one of the hallmarks of Moroccan-style decoration that must not be left behind is the play of abstract and geometric patterns, and a neutral color palette. You can apply it to a swimming pool design through a desert or sea blue color scheme for a charming pool reflection.

Indoor courtyard pool design

Indoor courtyard swimming pool design

Located right in the middle of the house, this swimming pool design brings coolness into the house. In addition to functioning to connect between rooms of the house , a swimming pool can be like an oasis and fresh views that you can enjoy from various angles of space in your home.

But keep in mind, to present the courtyard pool design requires a large area in order to provide a distance between the pool with a room flanking the area around the pool.

Swimming pool design with transparent roof

Swimming pool design with transparent roof

Want to have an indoor pool but still want to feel the fresh sun bathing? Maybe you can apply this swimming pool design with a transparent roof .

Simply attach a transparent roof directly above or around the pool so that natural lighting can simultaneously illuminate the surrounding space. Through the swimming pool design above, you can also look at the sky without the need to leave the house.

Now, after knowing the pool design recommendations above, which design are you interested in?

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