Split Level Minimalist Garage

Secure Your Personal Vehicle with 6 Simple Minimalist Garage Designs

Parking a vehicle carelessly like in front of a house or yard will certainly disturb the public interest. Now, it’s time for you to park your car in a special area, even if it’s just a minimalist garage, so that it doesn’t interfere with your neighbors’ activities and make your favorite vehicle safer.

Now, we will invite you to see various minimalist home garage designs that you can adopt to secure a vehicle without compromising the aesthetic appearance of the house.

Minimalist garage with Canopy Galvalum

Minimalist garage with Canopy Galvalum

If your house is small, a minimalist garage using a canopy is perfect for you to build. Carrying a simple style and does not take place, you can use some areas of the yard as a parking lot and vehicles are still protected.

On the market, there are a lot of materials for the canopy that you can choose for a minimalist garage in your home. However, we recommends choosing a material that is durable, durable, sturdy, and can be done quickly like galvalum. In addition, these materials can give a modern look to your home.

Black all-out minimalist garage

Black all-out minimalist garage

For you who have a large collection of vehicles, it never hurts to give a personal touch to the minimalist garage you want to build. For example, a garage that gives the impression of masculine thanks to the black color that surrounds the outside of this room.

Regarding the material, you can use wood materials that are painted black or iron material that is guaranteed strength.

Split Level Minimalist Garage

Split Level Minimalist Garage

Next is a minimalist split-level garage that is suitable for adoption by those of you who live in contoured land or want to provide space efficiency. Shown in the picture, the lower floor is used as a garage that is designed to blend with the whole house through a combination of wood, concrete and iron.

Wood Minimalist Garage

Wood Minimalist Garage

Wood is one material that is very suitable to be adopted in minimalist concept housing. One application, you can use wood material on the garage door because it can give a very aesthetic appearance.

So that it is not monotonous, you can combine it with contrasting paint on the walls of a minimalist garage so that the overall appearance is more modern when seen from the outside.

Minimalist garage with Frosted Glass

garage with Frosted Glass

You can also apply glass material on the garage door because it can give the impression of relief, modern and can maximize light distribution. For those of you who want to use glass material on a minimalist garage door, you can add a special glass coating so it is safer and impact resistant.

Meanwhile, if you prioritize privacy, you can choose the type of frosted glass for a minimalist garage door. In addition to providing privacy so outsiders can not see inside the garage, the exterior will also get aesthetic light emitted when the lights are turned on from the inside.

Minimalist Garage in the Underground

underground garage

Another solution for you who want to save land is to build a minimalist garage that is underground. This underground garage concept utilizes an automatic door design that will take your vehicle to the underground parking area.

Although it requires a large budget , but the design of a car garage like this is ready to provide double protection for your favorite vehicle, and make your home feel very futuristic.

Well, are you interested in one of the minimalist garage designs above? Remember, vehicles parked on the road will only disturb other people and are threatened by theft if they are not properly guarded.

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