Minimalist kitchen that blends with contemporary designs

Simple But Luxurious 12 Minimalist Kitchen Designs of 2 x 2 sizes

It is undeniable that today’s houses are available in small sizes due to limited land and the high price of land. This also has an impact on the size of the spaces in the house, including the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen design is an interior design that is often used by many people because it can create a wider impression than the original.

Are you one of those who want to apply a minimalist kitchen design at home? If so, check out some of the ideas for a minimalist 2 x 2 kitchen design that we collected below!

1. Minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray

Minimalist kitchen gray

This minimalist kitchen is dominated by all white furniture with gray on the upper and lower cabinets . Besides giving a little accent to the kitchen, gray can create a modern impression and not get dirty easily.

In order to use the kitchen space more efficiently, choose a U-shaped cupboard like this one. In addition, you only need to turn your body when you want to wash vegetables in the sink or when you want to organize food. Besides being minimalist, this kitchen also saves electricity because it has a skylight that is a pathway for sunlight during the day.

2. Minimalist kitchen combined with the dining area

Minimalist kitchen combined with the dining area

Have you recently married or are you single? If so, you can try this minimalist kitchen design. This kitchen has a row of cabinets that can also be used as a dining table. You can put a number of utensils such as plates and glasses on wall shelves . Meanwhile, you can put dry food in the lower cupboard. Hang a few light bulbs too to enhance your minimal kitchen.

3. Minimalist kitchen that saves light use

Minimalist kitchen that saves light

The next minimalist kitchen is still dominated by all-white minimalist furniture with the bar part covered with wood material. This neat little kitchen looks even more spacious thanks to the large window beside it. Sunlight also makes it easier to shine on the inside of the kitchen. Thus you can save on the use of lights in the morning and during the day.

4. Minimalist kitchen that blends with contemporary designs

Minimalist kitchen that blends with contemporary designs

The next minimalist kitchen design is a combination of contemporary designs created thanks to a number of black furniture and cooking utensils, such as a light funnel, dining chair , water faucet, toaster , pans and small plant pots.

One of the unique elements in this contemporary minimalist blending kitchen is a special black wall. This black wall can be used as a drawing medium for the child or for writing small notes using chalk which can be erased whenever you want. Exciting?

5. Minimalist kitchen that feels warm

Minimalist kitchen that feels warm

A kitchen should not only look beautiful and clean, but also provide comfort for its users. This minimalist kitchen looks clean thanks to the efficient arrangement of cabinets and kitchen sets . Some cabinets are made against the wall to save space and are easily accessible to users.

The form of furniture and furnishings used is also simple. The kitchen floor uses wood flooring which provides a warm and comfortable feel for everyone who is there.

6. All-white minimalist kitchen? No need to worry!

white minimalist kitchen

The kitchen is one of the dirtiest rooms in the house. This should come as no surprise as cooking can cause oil and sauce to splash all over the room, not to mention if any food splinters fall. Therefore, most people will avoid all-white colors for their kitchen.

If you are a person who is not afraid of getting dirty, there is nothing wrong with applying this all-white minimalist kitchen design. Starting from the color of the walls, furniture and cooking utensils . Choose furniture made of slippery material so that it is easy to clean when it gets dirty later.

7. All-wood minimalist kitchen

wood minimalist kitchen

The next minimalist kitchen is dominated by furniture made of wood. So that your 2 × 2 minimalist kitchen looks wider, make a dishwasher divider that is not too high. If you can see the area around the kitchen, of course it will be more comfortable, right?

Placing microwaves and ovens on built-in furniture is also a great choice for a tidier impression in a minimalist kitchen. Meanwhile, for storage at the top and sides you can use it to put various cooking utensils, such as pots , pans, electric kettles, and so on.

8. Minimalist kitchen with Kitchen Island

Minimalist kitchen with Kitchen Island

Tired of a minimalist kitchen where the furniture is positioned against the wall? Try using the kitchen island as a place to put the stove and sink at the same time. Choose a small kitchen island , so as not to limit your space.

In order for a small, minimalist kitchen to look tidier — for example a 2 × 3 minimalist kitchen — place the dining table next to the kitchen island so that you don’t have to bother going far to serve food or when tidying up dishes. The predominance of gray is also suitable for a minimalist kitchen to have a slightly modern touch.

9. Minimalist kitchen with minimal electrical lighting

Minimalist kitchen with minimal electrical lighting

Today, where the necessities of life are very expensive, you have to be smart in saving on every aspect. One of them is to save on the use of lights during the day. Instead, use sunlight. In arranging a minimalist kitchen , color selection is also important, you know.

This minimalist kitchen with a touch of gray looks bright during the day thanks to the large windows and skylights . So that the atmosphere in this minimalist kitchen is not too monotonous, you can put a bright colored refrigerator like red.

10. Minimalist kitchen size 2 × 2 can look roomy

Minimalist kitchen roomy

For those of you who want a 2 × 2 sized kitchen to still look roomy, the key is to use a minimalist kitchen design with an open concept or blend with other rooms. In this minimalist kitchen design idea, the room blends with the dining room and corridor.

This minimalist kitchen space is only limited to using a cupboard that is half the height of an adult. To distinguish the kitchen atmosphere from other rooms, you can use wood materials in some furniture. For example , the built-in kitchen cabinets , the cooker hood , and the outside of the stove rack.

11. Gray-dominated minimalist kitchen

Gray-dominated minimalist kitchen

Minimalist kitchen design has been synonymous with white. But if you don’t want the whole kitchen to be white, just get around it by combining it with gray through a number of elements such as light funnel racks , carpets, to tiles for the backsplash area .

12. Minimalist kitchen with table and bar stools

Minimalist kitchen with table and bar

Sometimes we have to adjust our lifestyle to the size of the house we live in. The last minimalist kitchen design idea is to combine a cooking room with a dining table with a bar concept and using a high chair as a bar stool .

To bring up a minimalist design, use all white furniture and are simple in shape but do not reduce its function. Give a little accent such as the use of one to two different colored furniture. You can find furniture like the one in the picture at our store. We provides furniture from their range.

It turns out that there are many designs for this minimalist kitchen! Of the twelve ideas above, which one is your favorite?


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