Basement House As a Scandinavian room

These 5 Designs Change The Basement of The House to be Comfortable to Live in

Located below ground level, the basement of the house is usually the most neglected area because it is rarely occupied and lacks maintenance. In fact, many people just make the basement of the house a warehouse for storing goods or parking for vehicles.

To make your home function more optimal, you can change the basement of the house as a comfortable area to live in. As inspiration, we will share five design ideas to make your home basement more functional and less scary! What are you curious about? Come on, just take a peek below!

1.Turn a Home Basement Into a Comfortable Bedroom

basement area of ​​the house as a bedroom

If your home does not allow you to add new rooms, you can use the basement area of ​​the house as a bedroom, as in the inspiration above. The basement of this house is transformed into a bedroom that offers extra privacy because residents can minimize various disturbances.

Through ocean-themed decorations , the bedroom in the basement of this house is ready to give a calm and comfortable impression as a resting area. You can also adjust the lighting as desired by using a light sleeper.

2.Basement House As a Scandinavian Style Family Room

Basement House As a Scandinavian room

Need a family gathering area that prioritizes privacy? One option, you can change the basement of the house as a family room. Carrying a Scandinavian-style concept, the basement of this house also utilizes natural lighting through window openings so that it is free from the impression of horror.

When designing a home basement into a family room, you can use neutral colored furniture so that it maintains a modern and simple atmosphere. Don’t forget, also add various entertainment devices, such as a television with a sound system that is placed on the TV shelf to support your viewing activities with all family members.

3.Turning Home Basement Into Children’s Play Area

Home Basement as Children Play Area

The limited area of ​​occupancy may make it difficult for you to present a child’s play area. However, this inspiration shows that the basement of the house can also be transformed into a special area that can support children to play safely and comfortably.

When designing a children’s play area in the basement of the house, make sure you maximize the lighting and add an energy-efficient fan or air conditioner so that the atmosphere is not stuffy. In addition, don’t forget to also add various colorful elements so that the appearance of the children’s playroom in the basement of this house is more attractive and not boring.

4.Create a Beautiful Kitchen in the Basement of the House

Basement of the House as kitchen

If you need additional space to make a kitchen, you can adopt the inspiration for this one home basement design . In the picture, you can see that the basement of the house has been transformed into a super beautiful kitchen that can be used to cook, warm, and prepare food using super complete cooking utensils.

In addition, the kitchen in the basement of the house also shows a kitchen cabinet and refrigerator for storing food ingredients. To make the basement kitchen look more attractive, adjust the lighting carefully and use white shades to keep it clean and eye-catching.

5.Private workspace in the basement of the house

basement of the house as private work space

If you are a freelance worker and need a work space in a residence, you can also use the basement of the house as a work space. When designing, you can paint the walls in a neutral color, such as white or beige so that the room is brighter and you become more focused when working.

In the workspace which is located in the basement of this house, place furniture, such as desks and work chairs with an ergonomic design so that you can comfortably support your body when working for a long time. Don’t forget, also add potted plants to add a beautiful impression and various personal decorations that can keep you excited for work.

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