Optimize Lighting and Air in Mezzanine Homes

Pay Attention to These 7 Things When Designs Mezzanine Home

Mezzanine home designs is the term for an additional floor that is inside the building. Mezzanine floors function as additional space in the house that can be made without having to make major renovations or increase the number of building floors so as not to damage the design of existing buildings.

Very popularly applied in urban dwellings, are you interested in making mezzanine home designs? Before doing so, make sure you pay attention to a number of important things below so that the function of the mezzanine floor becomes more optimal!

1.Pay attention to the position of the mezzanine floor

the mezzanine floor
Determination of mezzanine home design can not be done carelessly. Ideally, the position of the mezzanine floor is made in the middle of the two floors of the house, that is, between the ground floor and the ceiling or ceiling of the house.

Although the size of the mezzanine should be adjusted according to the height of the ceiling, make sure that the mezzanine floor has a height like a normal room so that your head does not easily collide.

2.Note the Mezzanine Floor Area

Note the Mezzanine Floor Area

Mezzanine houses also should be made with an area that is only one third of the total area of ​​the room to be built. This you need to do so that the room does not seem cramped and crowded. If more than the size above, the air circulation can be disrupted so that the room becomes hotter faster.

3.Customize Mezzanine Houses with Functions

Mezzanine Home designs with Functions

The mezzanine house design has a semi-open character. Therefore, the mezzanine floor is less suitable if used as a bedroom, but is very suitable to function as a children’s playroom, work space, family room to mini library. Whatever you choose, make sure you determine the mezzanine house design to suit its function and use.

4.Material Selection for Mezzanine Home Design

Material Selection for Mezzanine Home Designs

Although it functions as an additional floor, but you do not use materials that are perfunctory. Because the mezzanine floor is part of the main building of the house that may be used actively by the home owner so that the material chosen must have excellent quality and not be easily damaged.

In the mezzanine house, you can choose materials that can be integrated with the main construction of the house or use materials with the best durability such as lightweight concrete, mild steel and wood.

5.Optimize Lighting and Air in Mezzanine Homes

Optimize Lighting and Air in Mezzanine Home designs

The distribution of light and air is also very important for you to consider when building a mezzanine. At the very least, make a window on one side of the mezzanine floor so that air circulation and natural lighting can enter the room.

If this is felt to be lacking, you can use lamps with light adjusted according to the function of the room and add fans to the corners of the floor or wall so that the room remains cool and provides comfort to the occupants of the house.

6.Choose the Design of Stairs in Accordance with the Interior Concept

Choose the Design of Stairs

The stairs are an important element in the mezzanine house because they will be used actively when accessing the floor. Make sure to choose a ladder with a size that matches the size of the room below and the floor of the mezzanine house so it does not seem cramped. In addition, adjust the design of the stairs to look integrated with the interior concept of the main room.

7.Choose the Best Furniture for Mezzanine Houses

Choose the Best Furniture for Mezzanine Houses

The selection of furniture is also very important, especially if the mezzanine floor is used actively for daily activities. Instead, choose the type of furniture that is not too high in size because it can give the impression of cramped space and choose furniture that saves space such as folding tables or folding chairs.

Seven tips above you can do so that making mezzanine home design remains beautiful, functional and in harmony with the main interior style of occupancy. So, are you interested in making mezzanine floors?

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