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10 Farmhouse Room Designs That Make You Feel At Home

Having a small room doesn’t mean you can’t have a dream room design, for example, a farmhouse room design . Although the farmhouse room design looks more suitable for homes in the countryside, there is nothing wrong for those of you who live in cities to apply it.

The farmhouse room design that offers serenity and warmth can actually neutralize the urban atmosphere around you. Let’s take a look at the following 10 farmhouse room designs !

1. Elegant Black Touch in Farmhouse Room Design

Black Touch in Farmhouse Room

Not always dark colors, especially black, are not suitable for small rooms. Small farmhouse room designs can actually look elegant with a touch of black on the head of the bed, the edge of the window, or the bed side table.

In order for the farmhouse room design to appear more natural, you can add green leaves on the edge of the window. You can cover the walls with striped wood motif wallpaper, motifs like this can make the farmhouse room design wider.

Do not use bed covers that are brightly colored or with busy patterns, because it will only make the concept of the room broken and out of sync. Install a wall lamp so that the room design can look bolder.

2. Design Rooms with Shiplap Walls

Design Rooms with Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls are one of the hallmarks of a farmhouse room design. For those of you who don’t know, shiplap walls are wood wallcoverings that are generally patterned with stripes.

Choose shiplap walls in soft or firm colors. It’s best not to choose colors that are too pale like white or cream because it will make the room design look less fresh.

If you have trouble getting shiplap walls, you can use wallpaper or wall covering with similar motifs as a substitute. On the other hand, the bed side table does sweeten the room design, besides that it is also useful for putting a light sleeper. But if the existence of a bed side table further narrows the space, you can attach a wall lamp as a light sleeper .

3. Farmhouse Room Design on the Roof

Farmhouse Room Design on the Roof

Don’t leave the space on the roof of your house neglected, you can take advantage of it by applying a farmhouse room design . The ceiling of this farmhouse room design will even give its own uniqueness.

You can use a planting cabinet on the wall, so that the farmhouse room design is not getting narrower. Space saving can also be done by a bed that has drawers at the bottom, the things in this small room are even more compact.

One of the characteristics of the farmhouse room design is the use of soft colors, so you can combine the whiteness of the walls with wooden furniture and furniture. Conversely, so that the farmhouse room design is not pale, use pastel colored sheets and curtains or floral motifs.

Don’t be stingy about making wide windows, because the color combination in the design of this farmhouse room will be very beautiful in the sun.

4. Carpets as an Alluring Accent

Carpets as an Alluring Accent

If you can’t replace a lot of items or are afraid to make the room even more crowded, your room can still use a farmhouse room design with classic patterned carpets . Hide a third of the carpet area under the bed so that its presence can blend with the room design.

Next, just combine white walls with sheets and pastel blankets like light green, gray, or light blue. You can add wall decorations such as sketches or carvings to sweeten the room design. Farmhouse room designs can actually be obtained in simple ways like this, huh?

5. Warm Farmhouse Room Design

Warm Farmhouse Room Design

The farmhouse room design aims to bring back a warm and serene rural atmosphere. Don’t stick to white as the main color of the room design, you can also choose other soft colors like yellow, light blue, or light brown.

To strengthen the antique impression in the room design, use wooden or bamboo furniture as a variation. Rattan chairs and tables with a slim shape can also beautify a room without making it narrower.

You can use floral or geometric motifs on the bed cover , matching the color with the wall color for a calmer atmosphere. Cowboy or fedora hats can be used as wall hangings and strengthen the image of a farmhouse room design .

6. Farmhouse style guest room design

Farmhouse style guest room design

A small room is perfect if it is used as a guest room because it doesn’t require a lot of furniture such as a large wardrobe . Simply provide a place to hang clothes and be d side table with drawers.

Instead of including a lot of furniture, place a large bed with a soft mattress and ethnic motif pillows. That way, this guest room design can fit two people even though the room is quite narrow.

To bring a classic accent as a characteristic of the design style farmhouse , put the can dle holder same color with the design of the rooms above Be d side table . The addition of a chandelier can also bring out the aura of an antique farmhouse room design.

7. Feminine Farmhouse Room Design

Feminine Farmhouse Room Design

The farmhouse room design can not only bring a cool atmosphere, but can also create a feminine feel. This room design is also suitable for girly teenage girls . Pink doesn’t need to dominate to produce a sweet feminine side, its touch at several angles such as cushions, wall hangings, or wall edges is enough.

To keep the pink from looking boring, choose several palettes of pink at different angles or objects. The touch of pink in the room design will look like a gradation.

The ornaments in the room design don’t need to be too crowded to highlight the graceful side. Green plants or flowers in small pots as well as some fedora hats for women can beautify the room design.

8. Replacement Wooden Bench for Bed Side Table

Wooden Bench for Bed Side Table

Do you have an unused wooden bench? Don’t get rid of it right away! Re-painting on a wooden bench can become a new bed side table. Besides being unique and creating a classic impression, it also doesn’t make the room design more crowded.

You can also adjust the colors and motifs with the room design. In addition, live flowers in sleek glass pots can add freshness to the design of this farmhouse room .

9. Wide Window for Farmhouse Room Design

Wide Window for Farmhouse Room Design

The right lighting is key to making a small room appear larger. Apart from providing ventilation, the wide window above the bed also makes the center of the room appear wider.

Sunlight entering through the window will illuminate the entire room in the right proportion. To evoke a farmhouse style in the room design, you can use a bamboo basket as a storage area.

10. Multifunctional Bed Side Table in Farmhouse Room Design

Multifunctional Bed Side Table

Bed side tables are not always useful for storing night lamps or small objects, but they also turn out to be suitable as work desks . Even though it’s small, at least this bed side table can help you do light work or note-taking. You can also take advantage of the antique tables and chairs inherited from your parents.

On the other hand, you can use a light sleeper attached to the wall. To strengthen the design of this farmhouse- style room , a natural landscape painting can be a perfect bedroom wall decoration.

The warmth of the farmhouse room design certainly reminds us of grandma’s house in the village, I hope the 10 room designs above can inspire you! Don’t forget to also complete your farmhouse room with various furniture from us.

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