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17 Door Design for Interior and Exterior of this Residential

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In designing a dwelling, the door is one element that is quite important. Both as an entrance to the dwelling and circulation between spaces in the dwelling. Along with the development of time and technology, door designs also experience development.

Starting from the technique, technology, form, to the material used to create the door is now very diverse and can be adjusted to the desires and tastes. Of the many existing door designs, about what kind of door design is suitable for your residence?

Let’s look at a variety of door designs based on the following forms, technology, and popular materials, and find the most appropriate door design choices for your residential style.

Door Design Based on Shape and Style

1. Classical / Traditional

Classical door

This one door design style is one of the most popular door design styles. This type of door formation generally consists of square panels with varied combinations. Sometimes combined with glass. Most doors of this design use wood .

Classic designs like this are suitable for any residential style, especially classics. However, it is not very suitable for you who want a large door opening.

2. Carved Door

Carved Door

Carving door which is usually the work of craftsmen is the right choice to present an ethnic impression on the residence. Usually such door designs are more suitable for villas or resorts because of the natural impression it can create.

To provide maximum performance, combine the presence of this carved door with carved furniture or other natural furniture. Although it can give the impression of luxury, carved doors require a long time for the process and of course require more expensive costs than the door in general.

3. Minimalist Modern Doors

Minimalist Modern Doors

Clean, not a lot of details, and using many line elements are a few characteristics of a minimalist modern door. Matter of material, the design of this one door can adapt to a variety of materials, ranging from wooden boards , aluminum, to PVC.

This style is suitable combined with a variety of modern furniture for residential with a minimalist to modern style. But, for you who want a house with an elegant and luxurious impression , this door might not be the right choice.

4. Rustic Doors

Rustic Doors

This one door design was inspired by the early era of architectural development. With many wooden elements that stand out as well as metal, this door design is very harmonious to bring industrial or old fashioned style to your home. Especially if the dwelling indeed uses a lot of industrial furniture or old fashioned interiors.

Besides being difficult to find, the work on rustic door designs is usually more difficult and time consuming because it has a lot of details and complementary components. However, of course this effort will not be in vain because the design of the door like this will make the shelter look different and stand out.

5. Arched Door

Arched Door

The curved door is actually included in the classic / traditional door design category. Most door designs like this use wood material, but not infrequently now people start producing it with aluminum to simplify the process.

In addition to the classic impression, the design of a curved door like this can also make the impression sweet and gentle on the dwelling. However, most arched doors are custom-made designs, which means more time and money is needed to make it happen.

6. Screen Door

Screen Door

Screen door is the right choice for you who want an open residential design. Even so, the design of the door like this is usually not used as the main door. Sometimes the screen door is also still added with other doors that are more closed so that you can still get privacy at certain times.

Because it is open, the screen door can make lighting and air circulation better. This door is suitable for use also in spaces that are public but minimal openings.

Door Design Based on Openings

7. Sliding Door

Sliding Door

The sliding door design is usually the choice for you who want to save space. Most door designs like this are found in modern style dwellings because they look neat.

The sliding door itself can be made in style and with any material, from glass to aluminum. This door can also be used as a room partition for areas that may at certain times need to be used together as a large space.

Even so, what you need to consider from the use of sliding doors is the rail that it needs. Not only does it require extra effort to clean, you also have to always make sure the rails are in good condition so that the door is not prone to traffic and is difficult to open.

8. Turnstiles

Turnstiles door

Pivot door or turnstile at a glance looks similar to the design of the hinge door. However, this door opening rotates and pivots on the top and bottom of the door. The door design like this is usually used to be used as the main door because it seems unique and interesting.

It’s just that the design of the revolving door requires a larger opening than the door in general and also takes more space. So, for occupancy with limited area, door design like this is not recommended.

9. Hinge Door

Hinge Door

If you prefer the conventional style, the hinge door design is always the easiest choice. Not only is there a lot available on the market, making and maintaining this type of door is also much easier.

Although not as economical as sliding door space, door hinges can save more space than revolving doors. To get rid of conventional and mainstream impressions , you can use quality designs and materials .

10. Folding Doors

Folding Doors

For those of you who like large and wide openings, folding door designs can be an option besides sliding doors. Just like a sliding door, folding doors can also be used as a partition divider between spaces.

However, compared to sliding doors, folding doors can provide maximum opening even though the design of this door requires more area because the doors need space to be able to fold crashing into furniture or carpet in the room.

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