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7 Inspirations Portable Toilet Design Anti Mainstream

For those of you who often go to outdoor events or tourist attractions, maybe you are familiar with portable toilets. Yes, portable toilets are facilities that resemble public toilets, but are usually found in non- permanent places to meet toilet needs while keeping the environment clean and healthy.

As a reference, we will share information related to the unique and anti- mainstream portable toilet design throughout the world. Curious? Come on, just check in full in the article below!

1.Luxury Portable Toilet

Luxury Portable Toilet

Equipped with very complete features, you can find a sink , toilet, and urinal on this portable toilet . With a very luxurious design through a combination of ceramic and wood materials, this portable toilet is ready to be the right solution for those of you who plan to hold events with a VIP guest list.

2. Wooden Portable Toilets

Wooden Portable Toilets

Although it has a physical form resembling a sauna room, but actually this is a portable toilet . Having a natural and anti- mainstream design, this portable toilet is perfect for use when you are holding outdoor events such as music festivals, exhibitions, to office gatherings.

Not only equipped with toilets, this portable toilet also has the addition of a separate shower cubicle so you can clean yourself at this wooden portable toilet as well.

3. Children’s Portable Toilets

Children's Portable Toilets

Appear very colorfull, portable toilets specifically used by children have a very compact design and size. With complete functions, such as a sink and toilet seat, you who want to wash your hands in a portable toilet can use the water that is flowed with the pump system.

Through a very unique and child-friendly form, this portable toilet design is perfect for use in the children’s playground area.

4. Urinal Portable Toilet

Urinal Portable Toilet

Specifically for men who want to urinate, portable toilets are found in various corners of the city of London, England. Although the shape is very open, but this urinal portable toilet is very functioning as a public facility, especially if placed in an area with super busy mobility.

5. Tent Portable Toilet

Tent Portable Toilet

Shaped like a tent for camping activities, this portable toilet has a light weight and is very easy to install. Not only that, this portable toilet is also equipped with a tight cover.

For those of you who plan to do camping with your family, don’t forget to bring this portable toilet so that your bathing or toileting activities can be done more privately. Also make sure you add emergency lights in it as a lighting source if used at night.

6. Portable toilet for camping

Portable toilet for camping

To complete the portable toilet in the form of a tent like the previous picture, you can bring this one portable toilet . Made with plastic material that is lightweight and easy to carry, this portable toilet is ready to meet your bowel needs while doing outdoor activities . If you are interested in buying it, make sure you choose a size that is adjusted according to body weight and also the capacity of the disposal basin and clean water to rinse as needed.

7.Pop-Up Portable Toilet

Pop-Up Portable Toilet

Spread in a number of countries in Europe, this one portable toilet has the name UriLift. The interesting thing, this portable toilet is equipped with a machine so that it can go up or down automatically. Thus, when not in use, this portable toilet will be underground so it does not interfere with activities on the streets.

Meanwhile, if you want to use it, you just need to insert coins, then this UriLift portable toilet will appear in the pedestrian street area.

The portable toilet inspiration above is not only functional, but also has an anti- mainstream design so that you can adjust your use according to your needs. Interested in trying it?

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